Book180 Spring Semester

February 18, 2023

Book180 Spring Semester

With a new Spring semester, comes new graphics for book180 and a new syllabus for my Digital Foundations class.

A new syllabus for Digital Foundations

As a digital production teacher for all the up and coming ADs, I am so excited to be teaching my second semester at book180. Through this two week crash course, we cover the Adobe Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. For this new semester we are dropping Figma. I know, I know. I think Figma is becoming more popular in the ad world but I feel a lot of ADs and CDs are intimidated by Figma's super powers. In the first semester, I told my students, if they use anything else to design websites in, I might cry just a little. In all seriousness though, figma is a powerful too and maybe I am a bit biased being an early adopter in 2016 but nothing else competes to it. I think we'll start to see more and more traditional advertising agencies leveraging this tool, especially now that Adobe has acquired it.

If any students are curious to learn more about figma, I have a lot of helpful links and mentor Jr. Designers once a month on a rolling basis. I think there could be some fun opportunities for Figma workshops with book180 in the future too.

New launch material

I can go on and on about figma but for now, let's divert to book180 branding. Since Sarah and Francesca, the two founders of book180, came to me to create their branding the Summer of 2022, I knew this would be something that would have a ton of longevity. I wanted to create an iconic look that would last and carry them forward for years to come—as they shape the future leaders of advertising.

Like I mentioned before, we are only just coming up on our Spring Semester. After an ankle break and surgery, creating a dozen new graphics for book180 was the perfect project to get my creative juices flowin' again. We just completed these assets that they'll use on social and for email marketing. I'm obsessed.  

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