Startup Branding - Introducing: Wintroy Supply

February 3, 2023

Startup Branding - Introducing: Wintroy Supply

Wintroy needed a branding system that connected to work that they do as females in the electrical space.

Direction 1

A bolt that speaks to Wintroy

First let me give you a little bit of background. Wintroy Supply is a women and minority owned distributor, provides electrical, broadband, and utility products for infrastructure improvements, broadband development, and utility system hardening.

Given the industry, I immediately thought of integrating a lightening bolt but I didn't want to execute it in an expected way. I wanted to give Wintory some meaning behind the bolt by creating a hidden "W" and double meaning within the bolt.

This was at first my favorite of the 3 but I really grew to love all of the directions equally. I knew I'd be happy with any choice the client wanted to make. Once the client chose the second option, I felt it was the best fit for them and the message they were trying to convey as business owners.

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Direction 2

The goddess of energy

Being a 100% woman owned company, the two founders were inspired by Miss Electra, Alabama’s golden goddess statue that stands 23 feet tall of a literal goddess in a striking but yet humble pose holding multiple lightening bolts.

There were many ways I wanted to roll this out into the branding. For one, we needed the goddess—just like how starbucks needs their mermaid. I knew the goddess would be use for special applications and we needed some more simplified symbols for smaller scale items and secondary branding treatments which brought me to create the crown and the electric bolt that I saw in the statue.

This very feminine approach was the one the clients ended up choosing—bringing them to the forefront of a commonly male dominated area.

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Direction 3

Connected through community

Through the branding process, the client touched on community and having a presence within the electrical space. They want to not just run a business but be an act of service to those who need the most support. These houses represent "connection" in multiple ways. Wintroy as the client quoted, "supplies what connects us".

The three A frame homes were placed in a way in giving the symbol mark extra meaning, shaping it to look like a "W" for Wintroy. The star symbolizes the light and power Wintroy can bring when community connects.