As a brand and product designer, I focus on creating brand systems for ambitious companies. This starts with style and scales with figma.

For the past few years, I've been launching delightful products bringing together my finest and most talented friends from the ad and tech world—hiring and leading teams of copywriters, web developers, and jr. designers.

As a founder, I've been lucky to work with some really cool YC startups, medical non-profits, and local small businesses.
I got my start in advertising working at Energy BBDO and Aisle Rocket Studios. While building my rolodex of clients, I've freelanced with firms like HUGE, FCB Chicago and Long — Dash.

Right now, I'm open to new opportunities. Contact me if you think our values might align or if you just want to grab virtual coffee. I can chat for hours on fonts I'm obsessing over, how in love I am with figma, and my horse Jessica.

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My Values

Collaboration & Leadership

Things work better when they are done together. I'm here to listen, lift ya up, bounce ideas around, and cultivate the ultimate dream team! 

Makin' things look freakin cool

It's as simple as this: I care. A lot. I want to make cool work and I may just obsess over the perfect font selection.

Creating long-lasting designs

My goal is to create branding work and design systems setup to scale and last. Not just following trends.

Cultivating balance

As a competitive hunter jumper equestrian, it's important to create a balance between my passions and my craft.

Honing my craft

Side projects, painting days, and museum visits are so important to keep me feelin' alive and creative.

Taking risks

Taking risks brings new possibilities — outcomes I didn't even think were possible. The biggest risk of all is not trying. I always dive right in, embrace getting outside my comfort zone, and deal with any cards that come my way.